2023 Introduction to FPS Workshop

The Forest Biometric Research Institute will hold an in-person 2-day introduction to FPS workshop on April 11-12, 2023 at the Double Tree Hotel in Portland, OR. This session will provide hands-on instruction on the fundamentals of using FPS. This session is designed for FPS users who are new to the software and just getting started on the various FPS functions.

Why is FPS right for you?

Why is The Forest Projection and Planning System Software right for you? For over 30 years FPS has been dedicated to providing a suite of software designed to offer Land Managers and Foresters with the necessary tolls for making knowledgeable Forest Management decisions. With a fully integrated cruise compiler, growth …

Video: Jim Arney’s Legacy

 Click here to view the Jim Arney Legacy Video (on Vimeo). Jim Arney was the President of the Institute and the sole developer and guiding visionary for the Forest Projection System or FPS software. He dedicated 30 years of his career to writing a growth and yield model to …

What’s New

*Release of FPS Version 7.60
*Upcoming Workshop: Intro to FPS
*Brock’s User Group “BUGS”:
Virtual 3/28/23
*New FPS Training Videos
*Site Visits
*Jim Arney’s Legacy Video