Traditionally since 2003 the FBRI has provided three workshops each year. Each of these were scheduled over a three-day period on a four month interval. Participants worked on desktop computers pre-loaded with FPS software and sample inventory databases. Each participant went home with the latest FPS documentation and methods. Each participant was expected to have the equivalent of an SAF-certified B.S. forestry degree and practical experience. The objective was to re-enforce and expand quantitative methods necessary for managing a working forest. The approach for each workshop is provided below.

Future Workshops

The Forest Biometrics Research Institute (FBRI) is committed to providing ongoing workshops in future. This commitment would be greatly enhanced if a regional forestry school would partner with FBRI on a continuing education basis. Associated benefits would include research databases and grants for graduate research projects where goals and objectives were compatible.

Workshop: Comprehensive FPS

This workshop will emphasize methods and tools which depart from traditional forestry.

This workshop will use an all-new (March, 2014) FPS Tutorial textbook which will be distributed at this workshop. It will emphasize how to conduct each forest management activity, not why. A separate textbook (or series) will be available in 2015 which explains and documents the science, research and methods behind each functional activity in this tutorial reference. (more…)

Workshop: Forest Inventory Design and Management

This workshop provides: (1) an in-depth examination of how to build useful forest inventories with a focus on stand-based approaches, (2) a thorough review of how FPS processes inventory data, and (3) recommended procedures for managing an operational inventory, including year-end reporting, inventory updates, and depletions. Exercises and a laboratory day have been added for enhanced hands-on experience. (more…)

Workshop: Forest Growth/Yield and Silviculture Modeling

Topics will include growth projection methods, visualizations, natural regeneration, silvicultural regimes (clearcut, seed tree, shelterwood, selection), economic analyses (costs, values, discounting) This is an opportunity to learn about the internal structure of the Forest Projection System (FPS) growth model, site curves and taper profiles. This model uses a distance-dependent tree list approach to project the future of mixed-species, mixed-age stands. All site, taper and growth parameters reside in external Libraries localized to geographic regions of the West based on over 20,000 permanent research plots and over thirty years of continuous analysis and review. (more…)

Workshop: Model Calibration

This workshop has a maximum capacity of 24 seats available on a first come/paid, first serve basis. Workshops will be cancelled if fewer than 7 participants sign up. Refunds are non-refundable if cancellations are made less than 10 business days before the first day of the workshop. This Workshop is scheduled for FBRI supporting organizations. Others may be able to gain participation by calling Western Forestry at (503) 226-4562. (more…)

Workshop: Special Interest

This is a category for any non standard workshops that FBRI may hold.  These may crop up from time to time based on the interest of the contributing organizations and forestry at large.

Workshop: Sustainable Forest Planning

Developing a reasonable, defendable and repeatable long term harvest plan has become one of the most difficult and confusing tasks in forest management. Maximizing forest potential is no longer simply optimizing stocking levels. We must now overlay may constraints and goals that may include wildlife management, selection harvest systems, regulatory constraints and various management goals (no longer limited to producing boards). These constraints and goals are often spatially specific and overlap each other. The ability for an organization prove legislative compliance, gain forest certifications and achieve public acceptance of operations often hinges on a precise and defendable long range plan. (more…)