June 8, 2021 10 – noon. FPS Cruise Compiler Webinar—Part 2 The advanced Details.  
Free for FBRI members or $75 for non-members

This session is designed for the more experienced and knowledgeable FPS users.  The agenda will cover a broad range of topics that should be of interest to the target audience. The session will be taught by Dan Opalach who serves as the FPS technical support contractor. All attendees will receive a workbook of the instructor’s materials. It is recommended that attendees have a computer available with FPS installed during the session. Webinar materials will apply to any version of FPS.

  • A hard look at the CRUISE.RPT file
  • What you need to know about log rules, log volumes, and tree volumes
  • A thorough explanation of the percent standard error statistics in the CRUISE table
  • Looking for discrepancies between the STAND and DBHCLS tables
  • Re-merchandizer hidden secrets
  • All the things that the Create new Habitat/Report Classification tool does
  • Other tips and tricks!!!