Forest Inventory Assessment & Year-end Reporting

March 17-18, 2020 | DoubleTree Hotel – Lloyd Center | Portland, Oregon

Instructors: Jim Arney and Dan Opalach, Forest Biometrics Research Institute.

This workshop provides detailed guidance to transition your inventory from year-end 2018 to year-end 2019 including all harvest, growth, new cruising and land exchanges which have taken place over the past year.

This workshop will step into satellite mapping for building, updating and/or enhancing your stand-based forest inventory.

The site, volume and growth dynamics in the FPS Universal Library are tailored for you to localize to your own bio/geo/climatic zone. This functionality is only possible if you actively take advantage of the features of the FPS Universal Library. This workshop is designed to get you there with two-days of hands-on computer applications and take-home documentation.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 9:00am to 5:00pm

Closing Your Year-end 2019 Standing Inventory

9:00 AM
1. Linking and updating FPS database from GIS harvest depletions overlay (FPS Lump/Split utility)
2. Generating year-end reports for 2019 harvest depletion volumes and acres: Removal of harvested stands.
3. Growing the residual inventory forward to year-end 2019: Generating standard annual growth reports.
Noon   Lunch included with registration
1:00 PM
4. Generating year-end standing inventory reports for all strata and acres.
5. Updating year-end inventory with changes due to new cruises and regeneration surveys during 2019.
6. Generating final year-end standing inventory reports for forest-wide summaries of volume and value.
5:00 PM

During this session, attendees will build four component reports:
1.) 2019 Harvest Volume & Value by Species;
2.) 2019 Forest Growth by Species;
3.) 2019 Year-end Standing Volume & Value with Species Subtotals; and
4.) 2019 Changes in Year-end Standing Inventory due to new Cruises.
This suite of reports is designed for your presentation to senior management. The final databases provide the complete year-end archive for the year-end 2019 State of the Forest. Part I of the Workshop Handout will provide step-by-step procedures to produce these reports and databases.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 8:00am to 4:00pm

Transitioning from previous versions of FPS (or other non-FBRI inventory systems). We will use the year-end 2019 inventory database to build a parallel year-end 2019 database using the new FPS Version 7.57 software suite. The essence of this one-time step is to document the shift (if any) in the standing year-end inventory acres and volumes due to upgrading the software suite (or any other changes in corporate systems).

8:00 AM
1. Invoking the User’s Activation Code to switch the FPS Library from demo to full Library status.
2. Creating a working copy of the 2019 FPS standing inventory database for moving into 2020.
3. Establishing, Maintaining and Updating – the standard volume and value parameters for year-end reporting.
4. Re-merchandizing the entire inventory, setting current log values and silvicultural cost parameters, and then generating standard year-end volume and cash flow reports.
5. Moving to a more robust characterization of your stand inventory.
Noon   Lunch included with registration
6. Identifying potential differences (if any) due to the shift to FPS Version 7.57.
7. Generating standard species, volume, value, and acres reports across entire inventory database with emphasis on “Cash Flow” reporting. FPS 7.57 provides a much enhanced reporting capacity for harvesting, hauling, silviculture and management cash flows on an annual basis.
8. Describing and demonstrating the differences in cruising and reporting techniques due to field methods and sample intensities – #plots, #heights, precision of measurements, etc.
9. Establishing a default suite of 3 – 6 early silvicultural regimes for new stand establishment.
4:00   Adjourn

During this session, attendees will produce a suite of reports to document within which species and size classes any changes in standing inventory may occur. These reports are designed to identify the magnitude of these differences and the proportion of inventory acres affected. These reports are also designed as a basis for your own presentations to senior management.


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Workshops will be cancelled if fewer than 7 participants sign up. Refunds are non-refundable if cancellations are made less than 7 business days before the first day of the workshop.

  • Forest Biometrics Research Institute Members: The registration fee is U.S. $625 if registered on or before March 6th or U.S. $695.00 after March 6th.
  • All Others: The registration fee is U.S. $850.00 if registered on or before March 6th or U.S. $895.00 if registered after March 6th.

Please make all checks payable to Forest Biometrics Research Institute. Registration includes use of workshop laptops, sample databases, two lunches and all coffee breaks.

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