What is Forest Projection System (FPS) software?

The Forest Projection & Planning System (FPS) is a fully integrated software and database system for managing working forests.  It integrates inventory, silviculture, growth, planning and GIS services into one system.  This means that volumes, biomass, carbon and log values are computed identically within the inventory cruise compiler, the silvicultural growth model and the forest-wide harvest scheduler.  No other forest management package, anywhere in North American, provides this degree of integration.

Tree volumes, site curves and species-specific growth dynamics are provided from direct, first-hand analyses of over 20,000 permanent research plots and 16,000 felled trees across more than 26 tree species.

FPS can help you to analyze your forest inventory, grow your inventory, evaluate alternative silvicultural regimes, determine sustained yield, and calculate financial return.   The benefits of using FPS include:

  1. FPS integrates with your GIS, planning and inventory systems.
  2. The FPS Universal library covers all North American forested regions, is standalone and updatable.
  3. FPS database calibrations are based on over 20,000 research plots and 16,000 felled trees.  These calibrations are reviewed on a continual basis as new research data becomes available, computer operating systems evolve, or regulatory agencies invoke new restrictions or mandatory guidance upon working forests.
  4. FPS can model the full range of silvicultural systems, plantation or natural – from even to uneven aged.
  5. FPS is a distant dependent model for high resolution silvicultural analyses.

FPS provides the tools, methods and support to give you the knowledge and confidence to make informed long-term decisions. FBRI supporting organizations use FPS to manage over 12 million acres of US timberlands.

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