The Forester’s Guidebook for Managing Working Forests

This guidebook has been 20 years in building.  It has been regularly distributed as a hard copy 328 page textbook along with the Forest Projection and Planning System (FPS) software.  The FBRI has now made this guidebook a free download from this site (and from

FPS Forester’s Guidebook

This guidebook provides methods, sequences of activities and software tools to assist the Inventory Forester, the Silviculture Forester and the Planning Forester.  This guidebook is an odd mix of cookbook steps and insights into the biometric foundations about quantifying a dynamic forest resource.

Regardless of the mission and goals for managing a forest ownership (timber, wildlife, watershed, recreation, cultural or aesthetics), the methods and tools presented in this guidebook should be applied to provide a quantifiable, repeatable and defensible basis for long-term decision making.