January: 6.94
  • Cruise grades beyond 5 years old were not being updated to new sizes
  • Removed delete of records between Admin.Msmt and Rpt years.
August: 6.95
  • Fix all known bugs for Windows XP 32-bit format only
November: 6.97
  • Clumpiness for stump-sprouts, natural, planted layers. Order 1=Sprouts,2=Small-tree,3=Large-tree,4=Planted. Use DbhCls.Group = “.S” for Sprouts, “.P” for Planted
December: 6.98
  • Block Silvics History, add treatment array to Regimes


January: 6.99
  •  Modify metric weight & carbon transformations for metric databases
  • Call HABSPP and HABRULE once at beginning, use arrays thereafter
March: 7.00
  • Upgrade for Win7 and Biomass. Incorporate non-tree vegetation growth GX=Grass, BX=Brush, WX=Woody biomass in HabSpp and VegCls tables


August: 7.02
  • Output old text Appraisal Report, some forests are still using it.
November: 7.04
  • Bug fix on DibCls log segments if more than one log per 50 acres.
  • 7.05 Bug fix on DibCls table not being populated when requested.
  • 7.06 Enhance Admin.Origin regime to include additional treatments  between Msmt_Yr and current Admin.Rpt_Yr (such as thinnings).


January 7.06
  • Select only from named tables and columns, allow user columns.
  • Fix Dialog Neighbor Constraint switch to activate if slider is activated.
March: 7.08
  • Update dialog windows for Win8 and error reporting
  • Fix bug in loading Selection Harvest only thinning options
July: 7.09
  • Fix Selection Harvest ranking in LOADR routine relative to clearcuts; was correct in Version 6, corrupted in initial Version 7.
  • Re-structured method for building PlanSrt table. Now built at end of run.
  • This re-structuring results in faster execution of the Scheduler.
  • If Polygon is too large for one period harvest, then the carry-over to the next period has the same volume in PlanCut for both periods. However, the volume in PlanSrt will reflect any growth to the next period. This growth difference will cause 0 – 2% difference in total harvest between tables for this period.
  • Upgrade to hexagon plot dimensions, ingrowth and group selection


February: 7.20
  • Standardize on 10mSite basis.
July: 7.30
  • Update due to lack of roundoff ability in Win7 SQL commands
August: 7.31
  • Update Verisign Certification 2014-2015


June: 7.44
  • Expand min-max Dbh/(Height-4.5) ratios coming from Cruise Compiler


October: 7.46
  • Build with Intel 2016 Compiler
December: 7.50
  • Shift to Universal Library structure for Life Form & Tolerance


June: 7.51
  • Update Shape, Broken tops, missing heights, PlotList, expanded Library
August: 7.52
  • Update PlotList to exclude ‘RT’ trees from Plot summaries
  • Revise log value computations to keep cruiser-called grades
  • Add 2% trim allowance to cruiser-called nominal log segments
  • Add options 5 & 6 for International 1/4-inch Log Rule board volumes
September: 7.53
  • Review and Expand CashFlow computations for budgeting reports


August: 7.54
  • Repair bug in update Site_Phy from OldSite (leftover old method)
  • Built SiteBX function into FpsOpen source code for internal Site10
December: 7.55
  • Update for performance and minor bugs