FBRI has issued a step-by-step instruction manual on how to link FPS and Microsoft SQL Server Express (SQL Express) databases. This will allow you to take advantage of the maximum size of a SQL Express database – 10GB! That’s 5x the size of the Access maximum of 2GB. The Technical Note 11 listed below has all the required steps. Click here to view a PDF of the publication How to Link FPS and Microsoft SQL Server Express Databases.


Thinking about migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro? No problem. Store the GIS layers that need to be linked to FPS tables in a SQL Express database. With both FPS and ArcGIS Pro connected to the same SQL Express database, each program can manipulate attribute information associated with the HydroRow, RoadBuf, VegPoly, VegStep and SiteGrid layers.


This publication is the first of a pair of technical notes on suggested approaches to managing your FPS and GIS inventory databases. The second technical note will present recommended “FPS to/from GIS” SQL Express database linkages and database structures. These developments and recommendations are based on feedback from FPS users and the ESRI ArcGIS Pro Technical Development Team. FBRI strives to continue providing the most robust forest management suite available in the industry.


Warning: The first time you use this procedure, do not use a mission critical FPS database. Use the Puget database that is in the c:\Fp7\Data subdirectory or some other non-critical FPS database that can be manipulated without consequences.

How to Link FPS and Microsoft SQL Server Express Databases (PDF)

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